Heat Shield for Thermal Barrier


Heat Shields are a thermal management solution that improves the efficiency and performance of a vehicle, vessel, manufacturing processes, or facility. Can-Do National Tape fabricates the best heat shield barriers with our extensive range of flexible materials and adhesive solutions. We are a key partner in the development and manufacture of heat shields, exhaust wraps, heat protective sleeves and thermal insulation.

The automotive industry, manufacturers of trains and trams, and the shipbuilding and aerospace sectors all profit from Can-Do’s extremely high-performance adhesives and flexible materials. These materials create the opportunities to design and build advanced lightweight constructions and to enable seemingly conflicting aims such as higher speeds and lower fuel consumption to be reconciled. Components are made of highly rigid structural foams to absorb impact energy in the event of a crash to improve safety, and innovative sound-deadening solutions and materials improve vehicle acoustics for more comfort.

Additional solutions are available other than the ones listed on our site. One of the experts from Can-Do Tape can consult with you designing your next project. With over 30 years of experience, our team of thermal insulation innovation and technological experts can help you find a solution.